Types of Bail Bonds we Service:
There are several types of bail bonds available to people accused of a crime and in need of posting bail, some of these are more affordable and attainable than others. The level of the bond and the availability of bail depend greatly on the incarcerated individual’s circumstances.

Federal bail bonds:
These bonds are used when a person is accused of a federal crime. Federal bonds are usually more expensive and tougher to obtain. Kidwell Bail Bond Agency can handle your Federal bond needs.

Immigration bonds:
Immigration bonds affect people charged with crimes that involve foreign nationals. Immigration bonds are extremely complicated and usually involve a great deal of risk, therefore these bonds are typically more expensive and difficult to obtain than other bond types. Kidwell Bail Bond Agency can handle your immigration bond needs.

Cash bonds:
Incarcerated individuals have the right to simply pay cash for their bail. This can use up important money that can be better used for other purposes such as hiring an attorney. Studies have shown that people who post cash bonds typically pay higher court cost and fines which are subtracted from your cash bond, although if found innocent the money is typically returned eventually.

Surety bail bonds:
Surety bail bonds or bonds posted through commercial bail agencies such as Kidwell Bail Bond Agency. These types of bonds typically involve a number of contracts that contains stipulations for release. Kidwell Bail Bond Agency offers several different programs that will help ensure that you or your loved one are able to obtain release.

Deposit bonds:
These bonds are not offered in all jurisdictions and are not always offered in those are that do utilize them, but in those circumstance it is possible to place a percentage of the full amount of the bond and obtain release. In areas that have these types of bonds Kidwell Bail Bond Agency has special programs that can reduce your overall cost.Property bail bonds:
In some jurisdictions courts allow property to be used for bail. This property often has to be twice the value of the imposed bail, and involves many complicated forms and procedures.

Other Types of Commercial Bonds:

At Kidwell Bail Bonds, we have expanded our knowledge of bonds into these other common areas of need.  Please contact us for a free bond quote.  If you do not see your bond on our list or if you don’t know what exactly you need, do not hesitate to call and ask our friendly underwriters for a Bond – A guarantee that the bonding company will provide a performance bond if the contractor is awarded the job.

Construction Bond – Is not a bond type, but a general term used to describe contractor bonding.

Maintenance Bond – A contractor bond in force following a performance bond.

Payment Bond – Assures that the suppliers, laborers, and subcontractors will be paid if the contractor defaults.

Performance Bond – A contract bond to guarantee the completion of a project per the terms of the contract.

Site Improvement Bond – Required to ensure public property will be restored upon the completion of a private project, in which the principal owns the land.

Subdivision Bond – Local authorities require a guarantee that the landowner completes mandatory public improvements that builders & developers make to their property.

Supply Bond – Required by the project owner, state or federal law to secure payments

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