The Differences Between Kidwell Bail Bonds Agent And Bounty Hunters

There is a misconception that a bondsman and bounty hunters are the same. It is very wrong. There is a wide gap that separates the two professions. When there is a crime that leads to an arrest, the person arrested becomes a suspect until proven innocent by the court of law. Under U.S law, depending on the crime, a suspect has the right to appear before court out of detention. To speed up procedures of release by bail, kidwell bail bonds services is provided. And when the defendant is released, because they can jump bail, extra measures are positioned to prevent it. But, bail out does happen and when it does, what do you think is one of the solutions – bounty hunters.

The basic difference: the bail bondsman

The bounty hunter and bail bondsman sometimes work together but their job descriptions are different. The bondsman is accredited by the state’s department of insurance. Their job is to write contracts for the release of a suspect from jail and the management of other vital documents. They offer their services for a 10% of the entire bail amount. Most bail agents are conversant with the working of local and federal criminal courts and other legal directives. Upon the approval of the bail bond by the indemnitor, family of the suspect or the suspect, he/she is released.

The Bounty hunter

Another name for a bounty hunter is a fugitive recovery agent. Their duty is to search and locate suspect that absconds bail. The suspect failed to show up in court hence breaching the bail bond agreement. As part of guaranteeing the possibility of a bail out attempt, they agree to a bail term that gives kidwell bail bonds agent the right to re-arrest them and bring them. In most cases, they are hired by bondsmen to track and arrest the fugitive. Bounty hunters operate by using forceful surprise action to gain access to the hideouts of the fugitive whose arrest could be dramatic and violent. For this reason, they must be trained in physical combats and the use of firearms, tasers, handcuffs, mace and other weapons. In some cases they might have to put on Kevlar or ballistic vests for security in the course of arrest.

The basic difference between kidwell bail bonds agent and bounty hunter is, while bondman workout a suspect release from jail, bounty hunter are hired, usually by bondsman to track and re-arrest the fugitive for jumping bail.

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